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The Categories of Veteran-Owned Businesses

A veteran could be anyone who has gained a lot of experience when practicing in a particular field. Thus veterans can also mean the people who have served in the military in the past and then left after a substantial period of offering their services. People leave the forces due to different reasons but for them to be considered veterans, the reason has to be any other than one as a result of dishonor. The veterans especially from the armed forces usually experience a lot of difficulties landing into job after leaving the service mainly because the skills they have may not be accurately aligned to the corporate market. The reasons above make most unable to find jobs or get those that pay very poorly.

Some veterans may decide to open business when the jobs are not forth coming so that they can still foot their bills. Businesses that are started by veterans are thus referred to as Veteran owned business. This adds to the already existing businesses in the market place to form two broad categories which are veteran- owned businesses and the civilian owed business. The government, since it understands this situation steps in to help such veterans with the necessary assistance that they need as a means to show that they appreciate all the noble job they did while in the forces. Provision of the financial aid that these veterans require to successfully start a business are just but one of the ways in which the government offers them support.

The business run by veteran even have more subcategories which would make it correct to say that they form a veteran-owned business marketplace. The service-connected disability veterans form the first category of veterans who form business because they can no longer offer their services due to the disability they sustained when in service. However, one has to have a letter from their troop leaders indicating that indeed these injuries were sustained while in their line of duty. The second category is like an upgrade of the first category because for one to be categorized as a Service-disabled veteran small business they need to meet the financial threshold of the size of a small business.

The veterans, just like women- owned enterprises are supported by the government safeguarding a certain amount of the services they outsource for these special groups. In addition, the state has also established a program that helps the veterans by mentoring them and coaching them and also teaching them the skills they require to do business successfully. Consuming the goods or services from businesses run by veterans is another channel that the government and civilians alike support these veterans.
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